TCP Student Releases Album

By Alexandre DuBroy

Skylee Richardson is a freshman at Tri-City, and she loves to play music. She is avid guitarist, singer and song writer. With songs influenced by Christian folk and gospel, she plans to release her debut album in early January, titled “I’ll do what you ask.”

Ms. Richardson says that she’s been making music for more than 5 years now. “I write music because it’s fun, it’s enjoyable. It’s what I want to be doing.”

Skylee has played for audiences before, mainly church groups. She says although she hasn’t gotten much exposure, shes excited about who will be listening to her upcoming album. It debuts on January 11, at precisely six o’clock.

She says that her music is influenced by the Lord, folk and gospel songs, and melodies that have origins in folk and country. Much of her music relates to her personal experiences.

When asked what influenced her to begin her musical journey, she cited a band in Tennessee named Mikeschair. “I knew the band members very well, and they were the ones that influenced me to begin songwriting.” She says they were the first band she saw in concert, and left a strong memory.

She has several songs available to listen to already, and they showcase the budding young artist. She makes use of her guitar and voice in an interesting show of musical talent. She acknowledges that her musical journey is barely begun, and although she has a long way to go, it doesn’t exclude her from enjoying it.

The album will be released through EMG records, her father’s music label. In her release she classifies herself as a modern Christian artist, and plans for many releases in the future, and envisions that music will play a strong role in her future.

You can listen to short clips from her songs, read further in depth about Skylee, and more at her website,

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