Sculpting Young Minds

By Taylor Whittemore

On January 16th, 2013, the 3D art classes showcased their artwork they had constructed throughout the year from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. The display was set up in the art garage at Tri-City Prep.

The pieces on display were carved from a small block of wax. Each piece was required to have three different elements and at least two layers, but students were able to choose what they wanted their piece to reflect. This gave them a lot of artistic freedom, meaning there was a wide variety at the art show.

The setting mimicked that of a professional art gallery, complete with bright white lights that reflected onto the pieces. There were pedestals on which multiple pieces were displayed. These stands varied in height in length, adding some diversity to the area.

Underneath the piece, there was a description. This description was written by the artist, and it expanded on the meaning of the piece and whatever symbolism may be hidden within it. They were valuable to the audience, for it allowed them insight to the artist’s choices that they would not have had otherwise.

Art studies enrolled in either the 2D or the 3D class are required to attend three art shows a semester, and the art show put on by Tri-City was able to contribute to that number. In order for students to get the credit for this art show, they had to sign their name on a piece of paper.

“It was really interesting and unlike anything I’d seen in 2D which I found to be cool,” said Tori O’Leary, a student currently enrolled in 2D art.

“They [art shows] allow us to share each other’s work. I think it’s a great opportunity to criticize each other’s work and teach each other how to improve upon their skills,” said Danielle Freeman, a student from last year’s 3D art class.

These art shows generally happen once or twice a semester, so be sure to look for more chances to view the work of the talented artists at Tri-City Prep!

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