TCP Lady Panthers versus Spring Ridge Basketball

By Devon Bonelli
PRESCOTT, AZ- On January 22, 2014, the TCP Girls’ Basketball team played Spring Ridge Girls’ Basketball team. The TCP team had an early advantage with Rebecca DeYoung getting the first point for the team. This start lead TCP to end the first quarter with a score of 7 to 0. The winning trend went on in the second and third quarters, with TCP getting 23 points followed by 27, matched by Spring Ridge’s 2 points, then three, respectively. In the final quarter, the ladies won with a score of 31 to 3.
Many people had comments of the game. Kolsen Fiske, a freshman, said, “The game was really snazzy! I’m glad we won!”
Maranda Racine, another freshman said that “We did really well. I’m proud of them.”
Becca Winters, a sophomore, said that “The girls swept the floor with them! It was a little back-and-forth, but whenever we went to the opposing side, we got a point!”
Nick Magdaleno, a senior and the mascot for the TCP Team, said that “Of the game I saw, it was pretty amazing! They did great!”
Sam Winters, a 7th grader, said “We crushed them!”
The next basketball game will be on Monday, January 27, 2014. The TCP Boys’ Team will be playing Northpoint at 4:30.


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