Charter Schools Show Off Their Talent

By Amanda Bertsch 

Thursday, February 6th, was the Charter School Festival at Yavapai College, where Tri-City’s Chamber Orchestra performed two songs. They impressed the parents and the other schools with their musical talent.

Mrs. Terauchi talking about the music program at TCP. Photo credit goes to Gary Bertsch

Mrs. Terauchi talking about the music program at TCP. Photo credit goes to Gary Bertsch

Chamber played two songs: “Pirates of the Caribbean,” always a favorite, and a song called “Artemis Rising.” They were the first group to perform, starting the festival with “Artemis Rising,” a dramatic and fast piece. Their bright and effortless performance set a standard the other groups struggled to uphold.

The students quickly set up on stage as an organizer explained the various parts of the showcase. Art from the schools was also on display in the halls. Each school was given ten minutes to show off their music, or any other programs.

Chamber Orchestra had an unusually formal air. The students, classy in concert black, were tuned by the principal violinist, Gus Longacre. They stood as Mrs. Terauchi walked onstage. She talked briefly about the music classes. Then the group launched into their first song. 

“Overall, the festival was a very good experience,” Kate DuBroy, a viola player, said. “It’s a good opportunity to show off Tri-City’s music and artistic talents.”

The festival was arranged by the Yavapai County Charter School Association. This includes schools from all levels of education, catering to many different specialties and needs. The member schools used the showcase as an opportunity to show off their individual talents to the community.

This is a busy month for the music students. Music Memory Mentoring continues for the next three Wednesdays, Choir has the Jazz and Madrigal Festival, and the Solo and Ensemble festival is February 13th-15th. We’ll be reporting on these events as they come up.

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