The Sound of (Audition) Music

By Amanda Bertsch

On Saturday, January 25th, music students piled into two vans to audition for the Northern Arizona Regional Band, Orchestra, and Choir. The students had been preparing for the auditions for months and were eager to show off their skill. They were nervous, but excited.
The auditions were held at Coconino High School in Flagstaff. Students that made it in earned the right to play in the Solo & Ensemble Festival as part of a regional ensemble, or group. This is held February 13th-15th at Prescott High School.
Students had to play multiple scales. They performed etudes assigned by the festival in band and orchestra, performing a solo of their choice in choir. All three groups had to sightread several selections.
Many students reported that they were nervous, but were relieved once their audition was over. Although each audition was only a few minutes, they felt much longer for the students. They found out the results the next Monday.
Several violin players, two cellists, a French horn player, a baritone player, two viola players, and multiple choir members made it in. Overall, the students did exceptionally well. The regionals students received their music that week and immediately began practicing.
“I didn’t make it, but I’m glad I went,” said one student. “It was a good experience and I think it prepared me well for next year’s auditions!”
The festival is open to the public. The group of talented musicians performing are sure to put on a good show. It will be an exciting few days for everyone!

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