A Night of Music and More: NHS Talent Show

By Alexandre DuBroy 

On January, Thursday 30th, Tri-City’s finest talent took to the stage in the annual talent show. Put on by National Honor Society, the evening performance brought together musicians, singers, and more. A small fee for tickets at the door helped NHS raise funds for its mission to give back to the community.

According to those who attended the event it was fabulous. Sophomore Delaney Thomas said that it was, “very cool, and I enjoyed it tons. I liked how all the acts had come together.” She liked the variety of the acts and enjoyed watching friends perform.

Timothy Holbrook, part of the infamous veggie tales routine, said he really loved it. The senior, who is best known as Timmy, said, “I really enjoy it, and hey, it’s quite fun to go up on stage and act like you’re a vegetable …”

Staff advisor of NHS, Ms. Mezeske, loves watching students go up there and have fun, and she said that she “wants to thank everybody who participated, and who helped make it a success. We really brought in a lot of money to help [the community].”

Acts this year ranged from simple singing to piano compositions and other interesting creations. One junior, a new student this semester, put on an act to introduce herself to the school. Others played instruments, sung songs ranging from a hilarious pop lip sync by Nicholas Magnelano to a sassy Paramore song by sophomore Evie Dunn.

Overall, the show was a great display of the young talent at TCP, and all those involved said they can’t wait until next year’s show. Thanks, and congratulations to everyone who performed or even gave them your hearty applause that evening.

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