Help Seniors, Buy Coffee

By Amanda Bertsch

Denobis is selling breakfast items in the breezeway every Wednesday. The sales take place before school from 7:00-8:30.

We are doing these sales to raise money for a senior print edition. This will be given to all the seniors to help them remember their time at TCP. Even if you’re not a senior, your money will go to future editions. By helping us, you’re really helping yourself!

We sell all sorts of items. Need coffee? We have you covered with a cup for only a dollar. Want hot cocoa, apple cider, or delicious tea? All drinks are just one dollar, and they come with a lid.

If you are more interested in food, the booth won’t disappoint. We offer a variety of danishes, cinnamon rolls, and biscotti. There are also bagels with cream cheese available. This is all available for just one dollar an item!

Specialty items come and go at the booth as well. Some weeks there will be freshly baked scones or bread. Other weeks, we offer mini donuts, five for a dollar. Some weeks, we will be brewing specialty coffees. It’s hard to predict when these days will be, so it’s a good idea to bring money every week.

We also have special cards. Every time you buy food or a drink, a Denobis worker will sign or stamp the card. After ten items, you get a free dollar to spend at the booth! This is a great way to support Denobis and get free stuff as well.

Another way to get free food is to go on Denobis. Randomly, cryptograms, crosswords, and other puzzles will be posted. The first person to email the answer to Ms. Schaibly at gets a free dollar to spend at the booth. Keep an eye out for one coming soon.

This is the first year Denobis is doing a senior print edition. If we raise enough money and there is a positive response, we will do it every year from now on. Any extra money raised will go towards contests, events, and the next year’s print edition. By buying food and drinks, you’re not just helping seniors, you’re also helping yourself.

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