Poetry Out Loud

By Phoebe Payne

On January 30th, during 3rd and 4th period, Tri-City Prep’s annual Poetry Out Loud competition took place. Students from all grades participated, each reading a poem of their choice selected from the list. The competition was judged and scored by an assortment of faculty members.

As per usual, two winners were chosen. Nick Magnaleno, a senior, won second place with a recital of The Jabberwocky. Adriana Hurtado came in first with her well done recital of Boy and Egg.

Hurtado proceeded onto the regional competition. Regionals took place on the 8th of February. She did not win, but she represented our school well.

“The judges tended to favor some kinds of poetry over another. There were two slam poets competing, and the judges were more inclined towards them,” said Hurtado when prompted with her opinion regarding the event.

“I think in state they would have been a bit more concerned with the technical side. The slam poets were impressive. I had fun though, and I would do it again,” Hurtado continued.

The competition will take place around the same time next year. People of all grades can sign up, so those interested in poetry should definitely give it a whirl! Also, if you see Adriana Hurtado around campus, be sure to extend your congratulations.

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