Indoor Rowing Regatta

By Chris Trefts

On February 22nd, most of the rowers packed up in the vans at 5:45 in the morning. They drove all the way down to Brophy College Prep High School. They weighed in, and got ready to row. As they warmed up on Brophy’s ergs, the tension in the air began to rise.

The first races would be the men’s light weight, where many good athletes were competing. Michael Molina placed 5th overall with a time of 7:07.3. I asked him how he felt while doing his 2k (2000 meters).

“It’s like having lighter fluid in your veins while it’s lit, while getting tunnel vision and having jolts of pain every time you take a breath.” Being a rower myself, I can agree.

Tri-City’s team also did well in the women’s light weight. Emily Schulze and Kate DuBroy put up a good fight and were competitive for the school. In the women’s open weight Amelia Harris did a great job, placing 7th with a time of 8:06.3.

In the men’s relay races, Tri-City got 3rd place. It consisted of Michael Molina, Charles Hargrove, Jacob Holevar, and John Famas. They achieved this with a time of 9:11.7 while rowing 3000 meters. Our women’s teams won 1st place with a time of 10:32.1 while also rowing 3000 meters. That team consisted of Emily Andreasky, Rebecca Kruse, Eva Suarez, and Elizabeth Wilcken.

The rowers did a great job over all. Even thought they did not win most of the events, they put up a great fight. Most of the rowers placed in the top 10. Another congratulations to all the rowers and the women’s relay team for placing 1st.


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