Ten Ideas for Spring Break

By Devon Bonelli

1. Camping: It is always great fun to go camping. Whether it be in a nearby forest or even all the way up in Washington, a night under the starts is sure to be fun.

2. Board Game Night: Everyone loves board games, so break out the Scrabble and Apples to Apples. Invite some friends over for a night that is sure to be filled with laughs and competition.

3. Learn a New Skill: Learning a new skill is always great! Anything from knitting to underwater basket weaving to juggling flaming torches is sure to excite!

4. Movie Night: Get some of last year’s hottest blockbusters and have a movie night with friends. Anything from The Great Gatsby to Insidious 2 is going to be great! 

5. Stay Inside: With options like Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, video games, and Doctor Who seasons to catch up on, who wants to go outside?

6. Picnic: Go have a nice picnic in a park. Pack some sandwiches, drinks, and bring some music to jam out to with friends or family.

7. Try Out Time Travel: A trip to one of the many old mining ghost towns in Arizona is a great idea for families. Seeing bits of old Arizona will bring history into full view, all while having a fun time looking for phantoms!

8. Go Stargazing: Going to a park at night can be just as rewarding as a picnic in the day. Taking friends out for a look at the stars will be a rewarding way to not only bond but also to examine ancient astronomy at its roots. Have a contest and see who can find the most constellation for a competitive edge.

9. See a Play: Seeing a play, musical, or concert can give people the opportunity to see performing arts in their own town. Here in Prescott, there is the Prescott Center for the Arts, Yavapai College, and the Elks’ Opera House.

10. Go Swimming: With the temperatures warming up, it may be a great time to break in that new swimsuit. Go with friends or family to get a healthy and fun start to the spring!



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