We Want a Double

By Ellie Bowen 

On Thursday, March 20, Tri-City’s softball team traveled to Seligman to play a double header. The ladies won the first game, but, sadly, they lost the second.  

The first game was an exciting win for the Panthers. Tri-City was down in the sixth inning by two points. Just when it looked like it was over for TCP, two doubles were hit in the seventh inning, scoring four runs. The game ended in a 12-9 victory for the Panthers.  

The second game was an unfortunate loss for Tri-City’s team. The girls were neck-and-neck with their opponent until the very end. They hit well and had some impressive plays. The game ended in a 24-12 loss for the Panthers.  

Congratulations to Paige Skousen for hitting a home run in the second game against Seligman. Sabrina Flick pitched the entire first game and most of the second game. Maranda Racine pitched the second inning of the second game.   

The next softball game is a double header against Williams. It is on Friday, March 28, at 2 and 4 PM. The games will be played on Tri-City’s home field.

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