Rowing to Victory

By Chris Trefts

On March 8ththe TCP rowing crew was down at Tempe Town Lake in Phoenix. There they competed with teams from California and Arizona, and there were even teams froaround the world. Almost everyone practiced on March 7th at Tempe. Then all of their boats were set and slept at the Red Lion Inn. 

They all woke up early in the morning and headed to the lake. Their first race was a mixed double with Michael Molina and Amelia Harris in the boat. Molina and Harris did a great job in their race with a time of 4:24.10Unfortunately, Tri-City Prep did not compete in any of the single races.  

In the Women’s Jr. Fourthe boat consisted of Amelia Harris, Elizabeth Wilcken, Eve Suarez, and Rebecca Kruse, and it was coxed by Emily Schulze. They got 3rd place with a time of 9:15.90.  

TCP’s Mixed Four got 2nd place with a time of 4:12.60. The boat consisted of Emily Andreasky, Rebecca Kruse, Kyle Oppenheim, and Eric Schulze, also coxed by Emily Schulze. 

A team consisting of Max Kincade, Noah Hawks, Chris Trefts, and Rusty from Tempe managed a time of 8:54.00.  They were coxed by Rebecca Holevar and got 3rd place for our efforts.  

TCP’s most exciting race of the day was the Men’s Four, which was rowed by Charles Hargrove, Michael Molina, John Famas, Jacob Holevar, and they we also coxed by Emily Andreasky. In that boat they got 2nd with a time of 7:26. 

Overall, Tri-City Prep did very well and had a great time. They showed that they came prepared and competed wellThey collected a good amount of 3rd and 2nd place medals, and the rowing team will keep working hard to do the best they possibly can.