Do I Hear Twenty Dollars?

By Ellie Bowen

On Thursday, March 27th, Tri-City had its annual senior auction. All of the students tried to outbid each other for the chance to attend Spring Fling with these fabulous seniors.  All of the money raised at senior auction will go towards senior class activities.

The auction started off with Kelcie Kruse and Annie Quillin smashing the stage as the Hulk and Iron Man. They were followed by Nick Magdaleno who was dressed as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Magdeleno also demonstrated the bend and snap, which he promised to teach his purchaser.

Naomi Harshman, Paige Skousen, and Sabrina Flick dressed up as Napoleon, Deb, and Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. The girls preformed Napoleon’s dance and got a great reaction from the crowd. Angel Vandegrift, Timmy Holbrook, and Gideon Worden dressed up as characters from Rocky and won over the hearts of sports fans everywhere.  

Joe Winters dressed up as a swing dancer from Grease. Winters promised dancing lessons and a goodie basket made by Mrs. Winters. Shelley Thompson and Amelia Harris dressed up as Black Widow and Pepper Potts and generated excitement from Avengers fans.

Amanda McGuire dressed up as Elsa from Frozen. McGuire played the part of the ice queen well as she elegantly tossed M&M’s at her adoring fans. Charlie Hargrove and Patrick Welborn looked very dashing dressed up as characters from Top Gun.

Emily Beaman came out dressed as Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality. She gave a self-defense demonstration with the help of Jacob Holevar. Caleb Cornell gave quite an interesting performance dressed as a character from Mean Girls.

Stephanie Worstein dressed up as a minion from Despicable Me. She offered the chance to carry out any devious schemes her purchaser may think up. The senior auction ended with an impressive dancing performance by Miles Mabey. Mabey was dressed up as if he was from Tron, complete with lights adorning his costume.

The hosts, Andy Worthington and Morgan White, kept the auction moving along and the bidding exciting. The highest bid was a hundred and ten dollars for Stephanie Worstein. All the seniors put on great performances and certainly impressed the rest of Tri-City.

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