Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

By Phoebe Payne

So, you’re looking for a degree in communications, engineering, or anything involving aerospace, but all the good universities are far away, right? Wrong. Prescott’s very own Embry Riddle Aeronautical University has everything you’re looking for and then some, all situated a comfortable distance from home.

With an extensive log of majors available in aerospace engineering, professional piloting, international relations, and business administration, this is a great college for students with global ambitions. In fact, students in these majors make up eighty percent of the total number of students. This university is even partnered with the US military, and is the only college to give those serving in Europe degrees in piloting.

Embry Riddle probably has what you’re looking for in the way of majors at this point, but, let’s face it, cost is a major concern for us all. For non-flight students (who pay extra to use the simulators and equipment), the cost without financial aid is approximately $41,770. A graduate student would be looking at a figure of $24,310 a year. 

Sound a bit expensive? Don’t be put off just yet! The admissions section of the official website states that all kinds of grants, loans, and scholarships are available for prospective students. In fact, ninety-one percent of those attending receive some kind of financial aid.

The rolling deadline is also helpful for those who still need to rack up some credits or make up their mind. The college accepts three times a year: fall, winter, and spring. The fee for applying is the standard fifty dollars.

Those who graduate with a degree from this school have an array of opportunities in life. The thirteen-to-one class ratio makes it easy to get applicable information while in school, and ninety-three of graduates from this campus and the campus in Daytona, Florida, are either employed or continuing their schooling within a year of graduation. In 2011-2012, one hundred and eighty-eight students and teachers where involved in a total of one hundred and sixty-one research projects, with the total amount of external funding for these projects totaling seventeen million dollars.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University was originally founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1925. Since then, it has moved its main campus to Daytona, Florida, and includes an extensive global online program. The Prescott section came into existence in 1978, when the old, disused campus of Prescott College was purchased by the university four years prior.

Embry-Riddle is not affiliated with any religion and is one of Arizona’s two private, nonprofit universities. The education is comprehensive and hands-on, offering students many opportunities for work and experience both during and after earning the degree. The only downside for some would be staying in Prescott, but hey, maybe you’re into that.

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