Spirit Week

By Markus Weinzinger

Last week seemed to be a slow week. This was probably because it was Spirit Week. Student Council decided on a Disney theme, full of events characteristic of the company’s productions. The days chosen were a Sleeping Beauty/Pajamas Day, a Lion King/Animal Print Day, and Dynamic Duo day. The final day would culminate in the students’ participation to create Mickey Mouse through colors in their clothing.

Monday began with students appearing as if they did not realize the day had started. Sleeping Beauty/Pajamas Day saw about half of the student body celebrate with a menagerie of styles. A fairy tale princess seemed the most distinguished above all. It was quite a surprise to see so many students remember the beginning of Spirit Week.

People appeared to be in continuous good cheer, despite the dreaded PARCC testing. Many faces would not be seen until the liberating Lunch period commenced. All went well in the afternoon, and on to the end of school. A fitting way to end the first day of Spirit Week on the last day of the month.

The next day, students got to show their “animal spirit” on Lion King/Animal Print Day. Students and teachers alike showed off their “skins” of tigers, cheetahs, and zebras. Some students still retained pajamas they wore they day before. The feminine side of the school had the majority in participation, with some guys wearing a few of different prints. One student showed true spirit in the form of a full lion costume!

Coincidentally, Tuesday marked the first day of April and, therefore, April Fool’s Day. Obviously, the day went by with incidences of pranking. One person’s vehicle got Post-It notes stamped across the windows of their car; another with his car doors removed and paper placed in the trunk. The third period Algebra 1 class taught by Mr. Marman prematurely disappeared before exposing their prank. Individual pranks were also exchanged among the teachers and students. The day ended, and the lion slept in the jungle that night.

Arriving in the middle of the week to rescue bored students was Dynamic Duo Day. People dressed as unforgettable characters. “I saw as many as three Sherlocks and a John”, said Kelcie Kruse. Other unique characters were present as well.

At last, the final day of Spirit Week had come in the colors of Disney’s arguably greatest creation: Mickey Mouse. Freshmen were assigned the color yellow for Mickey’s buttons; the sophomores wore white for the mouse’s characteristic gloves. Juniors dressed in red, the color of Mickey’s pants. Finally, seniors showed black apparel to complete Mickey Mouse’s image.

Mickey Mouse’s features were captured all across campus. Some students even portrayed Mickey’s friend Minnie Mouse. The day went on with the usual anticipation for the weekend. The end of a long week and Disney-filled school days then concluded with students leaving for home.

Despite the initial slowness, school spirit had been achieved. The majority of students and teachers celebrated each day. Now only one thing comes to mind: “When is Captain America showing?” Just kidding: “What will happen next year?”

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