2014 Yavapai College Science Day Competition

By Kelcie Kruse

On March 28th, several members of the Science Honors class attended the Yavapai College Science Day Competition. Science Honors was represented by two teams last year and five teams this year. The Y.C Science Day brought together science students from many grade levels, up to high school. Several of this year’s freshman had participated in the competition at their past schools.

The day started off with the written competition. Students were put into teams of four. They were then given an envelope containing their mission: science! There were a few pages of questions, varying from multiple choice to fill in the blank. Having students that possessed varying focuses in science was beneficial to this portion. When someone that was focused on biology was given a physics question, it helped to have someone that knows some physics.

After the timed written competition, the students split up for break-out sessions. These were small lectures on various scientific disciplines, taught by the professors at Yavapai College. Students went to a total of two sessions, such as black holes or sports therapy. After these sessions, students went to lunch, which was graciously provided by Yavapai College, along with a continental breakfast.

With some food in their stomachs, the students headed back to the main competition building for the college bowl round. The teams that entered the college bowl were based on the top scoring team on the written portion for each school. Tri-City’s college bowl team consisted of Jacob Holevar, Hannah Sherwood, Kelcie Kruse, and Kyle Oppenheim. The team was doing well and advancing in the college bowl until it was down to the last two teams. TCP ended up with second place in the college bowl by one question.

With all of the science out of the way, the Y.C professors handed out the awards. TCP earned first and second in the written test and second place in the college bowl. The students had a fun day and learned some unexpected things. Congratulations to this year’s teams and good luck to future competitors.

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