Panthers Seize a Thrilling Victory!

By Colter Richardson

On April 4th, the Tri-City Prep softball team played against Mayer. They faced off at Heritage Field, the softball fields near the zoo. There was a feeling of excitement in the air as the girls warmed up and prepared for their game.

Mrs. Muchna and many parents showed up to cheer on our girls,  and they did great. Several onlookers remarked that the team was doing much better than they were at the beginning of the season.

In the final inning of the game, the score was sixteen to eight with TCP in the lead. Stephanie Worstein came up to bat with Alexis Miller on third. She hit, bringing Miller home, which raised the score to seventeen to eight. The ball kept going, flying and rolling all the way to the fence. Worstein ran to home base for a home run.

This brought the score up to eighteen to eight with TCP still in the lead. The game was called because of the ten-run rule. This rule states that if a team is winning by ten runs, the game is over and that team wins. This rule is due to how hard it is to recover from ten runs in just a few innings. The Panthers were delighted by their early and impressive win.