Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Ms. Schaibly

By Colter Richardson

Today’s Teacher for Teacher Appreciation is Ms. Schaibly. This is her first year teaching at TCP, yet she is teaching a multitude of different classes, including Freshman English, Publications, Mock Trial, and Culinary Club.

When asked how it is teaching at TCP, she responded by saying, “It is wonderful, and easier than I thought it would be. I only had two mental breakdowns through the year.”

Next when asked what the most difficult part of teaching here, she said, “There are different expectations for each student so I have to include different content to make sure people understand.”

She then stated, “The best part of teaching here is the ability of the students and how motivated they are to learn.”

Lastly I asked how the publications class is, and she said, “Publications is a class I created as we went, and based it on the students. Is has been a significant, but positive, change than Freshman English. ”

A student who is taking all of Ms. Schaibly’s classes stated, “I think she is an amazing teacher. Her teaching strategies are unique and inventive, always keeping the students engaged.”