The Journey up the Totem Pole: Poetry for Transitioning High Schoolers

By Mishaela Moore


The Start of Something New 

This is a beginning for me

The start of something new

I’ll wipe the slate clean

And begin fresh like dew

A whole new ball game

And the score is zero zero

At the end of this season

I’ll be the great Hero

A beginning, the start of something new

The time to put aside things

That will not benefit you

Start fresh, right from the top

Let the past go

Hold on tight, the future is here

Now is the time to grow

I’ll concentrate and set the pace

On things I need to achieve

And zero in on all my goals

From start to the very end

There’s something great about this year

And I’ll be the first to say

The emotions I have are coming clear

I can feel them everyday

I have no doubt this is my time

My season is about to begin

I’ll be on top before to long

And I’ll help everyone I can.

  • David J. Hudson



The crushing weight of responsibility,

Will press your shoulders soon,

Drag you down with accountability,

And may just make you swoon,

But friends and family will abound,

With support and laughter now,

And onto many years ahead,

They always will be proud,

And if you feel it is too much,

And if you feel its weight,

Then lean on your supporting crutch,

And you’ll be in a happier state,


Don’t worry about the drama,

Don’t worry about the past,

Just keep to the people close to you,

And know that will last.

  • Mishaela Moore



Stresses here, stresses there
Mounting stresses everywhere
Put them all in separate files
Stretch them out for miles and miles

Each has a portfolio
Each one with it’s share of woe
How much of this can I take?
Must have limits for my sake

Sharing “freak outs” ’round I say
Gets me through each stressful day
Can’t spin out on each the same
So I play the priority game

How much “freak out” for this one?
Through the list ’til I am done
Seems there is a finite share
Of freaking out in life’s great snare

There’s a choice that I can make
Only so much I can take
Choose how much to spend on this
And choose how much to spend on bliss

  • Sharon K


End of an Era 

It’s the ending of an era,
A dawning of a new day.
The finish of a chapter,
And the start of a new page.

To see the time go by so fast,
It’s hard to look at the past.
Life is shorter then you think,
So have fun and don’t let it stink.

The ending of an era is almost here,
To look and see the future’s near.
Looking forward with eyes filled with fear,
Only to know the future’s unclear.

It’a the ending of an era,
A dawning of a new day.
The finish of a chapter,
And the start of a new page.

  • Nikki Warner