Tips and Tricks: How to Excel at Tri-City

By Amanda Bertsch

Whether you are beginning your first year of high school or returning to Tri-City, there is a variety of ways to make the upcoming semester a success. From studying to keeping organized, many things affect a student’s high school years. Teachers and upperclassmen weighed in on ways to make high school a fun and rewarding experience.

“Be organized,” said Allie Kreutzer, a sophomore. “That’s a really big thing.”

Other sophomores were equally willing to contribute advice.

“You have to be dedicated, concentrated, and believe in yourself to succeed at Tri-City,” says Devon Bonelli. “And talk to teachers. Talking to teachers is really important to build work relationships with them.”

Mishaela Moore noted how freshman often carry around all their textbooks. “Utilize your lockers!” she urged.

“[High school]’s a lot of fun, but do your work on time. Don’t let even a few things slip,” added another student.

It’s also important to get enough sleep. According to several studies, the teenage body requires at least seven and a half hours of sleep each night to function effectively. Balance is key- that essay is important, but no one can do homework to the best of their ability while sleep deprived.

Natalie Krafft, a junior, had plenty of advice for the new students. “Do the study groups. If you need tutoring, go do the tutoring. Even if it’s embarrassing, it helps. And do college classes now. At Yavapai it’s way cheaper than at university. You don’t have to know what you want to do right now.”

She added, “Don’t stress. Like, do meditation, and do yoga if you are feeling stressed. Take advantage of those study days when you get them. You’re going to need them, so don’t use them to play games on your tablet.”

Mrs. Edge encouraged students to “get ready. Get organized,” and “use a planner because excuses for not having a planner are not acceptable.”

Ms. Mezeske had her own recommendation. “Make your math teacher happy. Get a graphing calculator.”

Tatum Belville, a sophomore, agreed with the sentiments expressed by the teachers. “Make sure you’re prepared. For anything.”

High school may seem intimidating, but it is a fun and rewarding experience. Students share many memories of their freshman year- from the necessity of comfortable shoes to errant chickens visiting class, everyone has their story to tell. By following these tips, you can ensure that your story is just as enjoyable and stress-free. In the words of a student, “you will have fun.”

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