The Barbeque Dance: A Sizzling good Time 

By Alexandre DuBroy

On August the 21st, Tri-City Prep students came out for a roaring good time to enjoy the annual barbeque dance. Students and teachers gathered for burgers, hotdogs, dancing, and more. Although it was originally planned to be held outside, Arizona’s monsoons interrupted, and the event was held indoors. Students still ate outside, and as the quad dried, sat both outside and in.

Mr. Teruchi ran the BBQ, cooking up hamburgers, hotdogs, and veggies burgers. This was complemented by cheese and condiments for the burgers and hot dogs, along with chips and soda for general consumption. A ready supply of cookies were also supplied for dessert enjoyment.

During the dance, a member of the PE class that met during the three weeks provided willing dancers with Zumba bead belts. Their effect was to encourage people to dance by making noise and making a flamboyant dancing environment. Their effect was highly successful.

Junior Hannah Leber said, “they [The belts] were really fun, and made the dance even better. It was hilarious and kind of enjoyable to watch people shaking around.” 

The DJ’s for the dance were two sophomores, Joffery and Jacob. Music choices were typical dance and pop songs. Students said they mainly enjoyed the music.

Devon Bonelli, a sophomore, said, “I thought the dance was a blast, and I had a lot of fun. It’s cool to come out and dance and hang with friends… The DJ’s wouldn’t take song requests, which was kind of disappointing. Over all, it was a fun experience, despite that.”

The dance also serves as a great way to let freshmen relax, have a good time, and socialize with upperclassmen after the three week Freshmen First block.

This is one of Tri-City’s several annual dances. The next one is the Halloween dance and will be held sometime in late October.