Martin Luther King Jr.: Why Not You?

By Sid Mattila

What is leadership, and who represents it? That is the topic of this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration being held by Arizona State University. To celebrate the beliefs of Dr. King there will be an essay/poetry contest involving someone who displays great leadership in the community.

The essay or poem must contain 250 words or less, and be able to fit on a single side of 8.5”x11” sheet of paper. The essay or poem will be on a person you know (no celebrities) who demonstrates leadership. Your submitted piece must be an original piece of your own. Prizes for the winners are a $100 check for 1st place, a $75 check for 2nd place, and a $50 check for 3rd place.

Deadline for submissions is October 1st. To obtain the submission form go to room 105, once you walk in turn to the right, and the submission forms will be to your right, pinned to the wall.

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