And the Votes are In!

By Natalie Krafft

House Races

The House races, by district. Note that Arizona has more “blue” (Democrat-leaning) districts than would be expected for a typical election.

Senate Races

The Senate races; 1/3 of the states did not participate in this election.

Throughout the night of November 4, news stations such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC covered the election. They all kept tabs on which party won in each state and who would win the majority of the Senate. In the end, the Republican Party won the majority, gaining 7 more seats. Both CNN and Fox News reported the next morning that Republicans had 52 seats and Democrats had 45. In order to gain control of the Senate, a party needs 51 seats. Independents hold 2 seats. In the House of Representatives, 244 seats are held by Republicans and 180 are held by Democrats. 218 seats are needed to control the House, and no Independents hold any seats here.

Here in Arizona, Republican Doug Ducey ran against Democrat Fred DuVal for governorship and ultimately won with 54% of the vote. Fred DuVal had 41% of the vote. Arizona did not participate in the Senate race, so Republicans John McCain and Jeff Flake shall stay in power until their election time comes. For the House, Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick ran against Republican Andy Tobin; she won 53% of the votes. Andy Tobin held only 47% of the votes. However, Republican Martha McSally won against Democrat Ron Barber with 51% of the vote.

There were many closes races throughout the night, especially in Alaska, Lousiana, and Virgina. In Alaska, Republica Dan Sullican appears to be winning the state over with 49% of the vote. In Lousiaa, Democrat Mary Landrieu may beat Bill Cassidy with 42% of the vote. However, Lousiana will be going on a run off since neither candidate has received 50% or more of the votes. In Virginia, Democrat Mark Warner is in the lead with 49% of the vote with Ed Gilespie holding 48% of the vote. For all three states, it is still too close to call.

In Iowa and across the country, Joni Ernst seems to be the one to watch. The Republican woman won with 52.21% of the vote. She is the first woman in the entire state of Iowa to hold a seat. She takes over Democrat Tom Harkin’s seat. According to ABC 7 of Chicago Illinois, there are nine GOP senators “Who Could Shakes Things Up In Congress” and Joni Ernst is one of them. Tom Cotton (AR), Cody Gardner (CO), Ben Sassee (NB), Elise Stefanik (NY), Mia Love (UT), David Perdue (GA), Tom Tillis (NC), and Lee Zeldin (NY) are the other eight amongst the list. Elise Stefanik is currently the youngest woman to be elected into Congress at age 30.

So what does this mean for the President? His last two years will be a tough one. Many Republicans ran ads saying that they will dismantle Obamacare and hold President Obama himself accountable for his actions. Not only will this be a battle for Congress, but it will be one for the administration as well. Obama himself and the Democratic party as a whole has said that this election won’t really affect them, but many citizens are questioning that today. Now the Republicans also have pressure to accomplish something. If they fail to use this victory wisely, it could seriously damage their reputation for the Presidential Election coming up in 2016.

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