Feeding America, One Town at a Time

By Hannah Leber

November 3rd, 2014, through November 20th, 2014, was Tri-City Prep’s annual food drive that is coordinated by Tri-M Music Honors Society and Mu Alpha Theta.  This year, they set the classes up against one another to see what group truly is the ultimate do-gooders.  The results are in!

Seniors’ came in first with a total of 167.57 pounds,

Second are the juniors coming in at 68.03 pounds,

In third place are the freshmen with 45.01 pounds,

And forth are the sophomores bringing in 38.36 pounds.

The seniors won by a landslide, but everybody did their part to give a nice Thanksgiving to some families in need.  To give you some perspective, Tri-City donated approximately 263 meals to the Yavapai Food Bank to prepare them for the holiday season.  TCP also collected $664.77 in addition to the food donations, which accounts for approximately 2,659 meals (or 4 meals per $1).

So, overall, Tri-City Prep provided the community with enough resources to serve 2,922 meals.  That’s nearly a thousand people eating three meals for a day that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.  The school honestly did incredible work, and here’s to hoping next year will be even better!

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