Geeking Out at Phoenix FanFest

By Taylor Whittemore

Phoenix Comicon is one of the largest pop culture events within the state of Arizona. It occurs in May or June, depending on the year, and draws thousands of people to the Convention Center in Phoenix. Because of its huge success, the people who organize Phoenix Comicon thought they would test out a new event this year, Phoenix Fan Fest, during the winter season.

The event was held at the University of Phoenix Stadium, the location of the upcoming Super Bowl. The main floor was covered with scattered exhibits, replacing the exhibitor hall in the usual convention center, and had a few conference rooms off of the entrances into the large, open space. Panels were held in these various rooms, such as a preview for Phoenix Comicon 2015. Because the weather was nicer in the winter than the summer months, outdoor events were also offered. These events included Quidditch training by the ASU Quiddtich team and a cosplay runway, both for younger kids.

There were multiple guests involved, even if the event was planned under such short notice. Notable guests included television and film actors such as David Ramsey, an actor from Arrow and Dexter; Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who; and Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor in Doctor Who. Other guests included Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc, Ben Browder, Tom Skerritt, Linda Blair, and Eddie Mcclintock. There were also about twenty-five guests related to the comic industry in attendance.

Phoenix Comicon is May 28-31, 2015, and tickets are currently on sale.

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