Ice-Blasting Boredom: 10 Things to Do Over Winter Break

By Markus Weinzinger

Winter Break is upon us, and plans big and small are on our minds. There are many things to do just involving with Christmas. Certain activities may just be another recap of last year or a rediscovery of something great. To highlight or to emphasize, here are activities and events we may choose to do:

  1. Events at Home: Sometimes the best things to do are locally found, very locally. Visiting family and friends, parties, or traditions are among the closest conducts to Christmas.
  2. Polar Express Grand Canyon Railway: This exciting trip to the North Pole, temporarily relocated to Northern Arizona, can be an exciting journey for all ages. See Santa outside one moment; the next, he is onboard!
  3. Charity: In coincidence to the special holiday season, charities are held to give others a warm and merrier Christmas! Charity does not only have to be donating to the Salvation Army’s iconic bucket, but it can be various acts of service to others.
  4. Concerts and Performances: Want a time to go crazy or listen to a heartwarming performance? Christmas classics, Yavapai College, and other places are sure to fill the appetite!
  5. Create Something Original: When boredom invades, strike back with creativity. Create original works like crafts, writings, or inventions that enhance your capabilities and inspire others!
  6. Spread Holiday Cheer: The Christmas season is a great opportunity to reach out than to keep to one’s self. Caroling, Secret Santa, and courtesy can have a more potent effect on people than you think. Invite all to celebrate.
  7. When the Snow Doesn’t Show…: Whether the seasonal weather cooperates or not, at least there are some outdoor activities to do. Call friends for sports games or other activities like a scavenger hunt or Ghosts in the Graveyard. Ice skating at the Prescott Valley Event Center is another choice.
  8. Should Snow Show: Sledding, snow shelters, and snowball fights are time-honored and true fun. A sprinkle of winter on the landscape also offers a perspective to hikers, photographers, and adventure seekers. What will you do?
  9. Travel: For some, it is inevitable. The chance to travel and meet loved ones, however, is only available a few times a year for some. Seeing places new and familiar always strike an enduring memory; one that is sure to kindle a laugh.
  10. Like a Rock: Lastly, a break always gives a winning surety: rest. Sleeping in, even all day, is an enticing escape from the worries of the world beyond the bed covers. Attitudes may change to that of a rock; always resting in one spot and stubborn in being moved by the outer forces. The small things in the silver lining may even become perceptible to ears exhausted from before the break.

These are great suggestions to learn and share with others. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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