National Honor Society Talent Show: A Barrel of Laughs

By Alexandre DuBroy

January went out with a bang; as on the 29th, the evening was transformed into laughter and talent. The NHS talent show went from 6:30pm until about 8:00pm that evening, and featured acts from all different students. The show was emceed by Liam Blankemier and Alex DuBroy, whose bad jokes and banter livened up the scene.

The talent show was put on for a special cause – to support Leah McGuire’s mom. She has been suffering for a long time from ALS, the debilitating and eventually fatal motor neuron disease. Leah McGuire herself sang in the show as part of the effort.

Acts including singing, dancing, audience participation, original compositions, and more. Particular memorable was Ally Earls and Devon “Carlatta Bang Bang” Bonelli’s performance of Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball. Devon donned an outlandish outfit, including oversized hat, pixie wings, outrageous sunglasses, and regal neckwear. Ally began singing with a beautiful rendition of the song before Devon broke in to jazz things up a bit. He sang as he danced, moving around the auditorium.

Perhaps the most notable element of their performance was when Devon raised his leg and slammed it down on the chair in the front row, right next to Mrs. Winters. Her resulting expression was described as “priceless” by several many students.

Mrs. Winters said that she “really enjoyed the show, but when Devon did his thing, I was not expecting that… it was something for sure.” She trailed off before adding, “It was honestly great, and I love seeing all the acts,” and that she hopes more students continue to take up the mantle of fun.

Other notable acts included another fabulous, and totally original, composition by Ian Martin on the piano. He took a selection of work from a longer composition that he had been writing over the last year; he said the piece he was writing was nearly half an hour long in full.

Others had equally impressive acts, singing songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, They Just Keep Moving the Line, and many, many more.

In a couple of acts, students from the audience either came up of their own accord, or were encouraged to come up and become backup dancers. Their “expert” dancing gave a carefree yet equally fun air to the performances.

The talent show showcased some really talented people here at TCP, but, as pointed out during the show, there’s more varieties of talent than just singing and dancing, and TCP has a whole host of them. Keep up the good work students!

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