Senior Interview with Leah McGuire

By Markus Weinzinger

Senior Leah McGuire has been an outstanding example at Tri-City over her four years. She entered looking for a challenge and found great experiences to participate in. She looks to helping others both in and outside of school. Leah draws inspiration and guidance from her family and friends. She has visited multiple states and a country beyond Arizona and enjoys singing and dancing among other talents. Leah may be leaving at the conclusion of this school year, but she thanks all those who have supported her. We’ll miss you, Leah!

Q: What made you come to Tri-City?

A: I came to Tri-City because by the time I hit 8th grade, school was so easy for me, and I wanted to be challenged. I enjoyed learning things and having to work hard, which I had not gotten yet in school.

Q: How was your freshman year?

A: My freshman year was awesome, and probably my favorite year of high school.

Q: What are your favorite classes/programs/clubs/sports at Tri-City Prep? Why?

A: My favorite classes so far have been Freshman English, Religion/Ethics, and Anatomy. My favorite sport here is volleyball, and my favorite club is Student Council.

Q: Have you done anything notable outside of school?

A: I have been mentoring over young students that go to my church and helping them with their school work and their lives in general. I don’t know if its notable but it’s something outside of school that I do.

Q: Who do you look to as a role model and why?

A: I look to many people as role models. One of them is my older sister Adrienne. She has always been there for me and she is one of the kindest people I know. She worked her way through college and is a great mother.

Q: Where have you gone (around the world)?

A: I have gone to about 10 of the states besides Arizona, and the only other country I have been to is Mexico.

Q: Do you have special talents (perhaps ones that are not well known)?

A: I like to sing, play piano, dance and to cook. I don’t know if they are talents but I enjoy them.

Q: Who is your favorite superhero (DC, Marvel, real)? Why?

A: My favorite superhero would have to be my parents. They are incredible and deal with everything so gracefully. They are the superheroes in my world.

Q: If you won a million dollars, how would you spend it?

A: I would use some of it for college, save some, and give the rest to my family and friends for whatever they need.

Q: What has been your most memorable experience at Tri-City Prep?

A: Probably when I was a Junior and my sister and I at the very last minute decided to sing a song for the NHS talent show. It was the first time at Tri-City that I had sung in front of a lot of people and it was a blast!

Q: What will you be doing after you graduate Tri-City Prep?

A: Attending either University of California: San Diego or NAU, and majoring in psychology.

Q: Is there anything about yourself you would like other people to know?

A: I would like to thank everyone at Tri-City for the support and love that I have felt here through everything!