10 Things to Do Over Spring Break

By Markus Weinzinger

Spring Break is just around the corner, and the time has come for the best ways to spend it. Some may wish to travel out of state, while others might simply want to spend some time sleeping in. Whatever your plans, there are a variety of activities to make that week fly by!

  1. R&R (Rest and Relaxation): This is definitely the ideal way to spend the break! Break is a wonderful time to reclaim lost hours of sleep, dump built-up stress, and try new things. Get the time to finish that book, spend time with family, and relax in the comfort of home.
  2. Calendar Events: Check on the city or town website for activities and special occasions to participate in. Possible events include tours, art exhibits, concerts, celebrations, and more!
  3. Group Activities: School does not have to limit the times to see friends. It is a good time to plan outings, see the movies, or mingle and chat. Consider appropriate conditions in planning.
  4. Traveling: Plan on going anywhere for Spring Break? You can find locations to embrace or get away from the cold. Whether you’re traveling up north or across an ocean, reservations can be made now for next week. Don’t forget the camera!
  5. Exercise: Spring sports are on the rise, and a few extra days of practice can add up in performance. A long jog each day or hitting a local gym will get starting players an edge for next week. This can also be a great time to organize an effective workout schedule for sports, so that players can establish good habits.
  6. New Ideas: Tired and worn out, or bored to the breaking point? This time can be taken to explore and discover. It can be hiking a mountain or sketching a new invention. Engage in an opportunity to see more or make something better.
  7. Serving Others: Spring Break does not necessarily mean to focus on personal goals. Look for ways to help others and spread joy. How can people enjoy break without a happy attitude? You could share these experiences with friends when you get back!
  8. Looking Back: Having reached a major milestone in the school year, break can be a time to recall the great experiences and fun times friends have had. Perhaps these can provide more things to do over Spring Break. Try starting a journal!
  9. Winter Activities: Winter is still here, and the seasonal activities that come with it. The Snowbowl in Flagstaff is still open for the rest of the month, and conditions will have to be checked for visits. If snow continues to come down in town, sledding and snowball battles are a possibility.
  10. School Projects: This may seem like silly idea: break is supposed to be a break. However, a little discomfort now can pay off in the long run. Besides the weekends, there is little time to work on seemingly mammoth projects on regular school days. Take the opportunity next week to finish assignments, and you won’t have to stress about them at the last second.


Enjoy a safe and fun Spring Break!

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