Teacher of the Month: Mrs. Muchna

By Natalie Krafft

Denobis is now presenting a Teacher of the Month! Every month, we sit down with a different Tri-City teacher to learn more about their past and their roles at our school. For March, I was given the opportunity to interview Mrs. Muchna, the Anatomy & Physiology, Science Honors, Biology, Envirothon, and Green Team supervisor and teacher.

Question: How long have you been working here at TCP?

Answer: This is my seventh year teaching at Tri-City.


Q: Do you plan on retiring soon?

A: I don’t plan on retiring for a while, I’d really like to finish my PhD. It is [all done except my dissertation] but I think at this point I’ll have to start a whole new program.


Q: Being here [at Tri-City Prep] for seven years, what is your favorite thing about this school?

A: I just love working at a place where the teachers work so well together like a team and the students are part of that. I work with great kids and they want to be part of this whole learning process and own the whole learning process. That’s just really rewarding, I especially see it in Anatomy and Physiology; it’s just a whole lot of fun. Everyone is engaged and they’re part of this learning process.


Q: What do you see for yourself at Tri-City?

A: We’re going to add a few more science courses next semester: hopefully in the fall, branch off a little bit. I look forward to things like science honors and Envirothon becoming even better then what they are, improving things like that.


Q: For students as a whole in Tri-City what do you recommend for them to do in terms of studying or make friends?

A: I think to take responsibility for their time here whether it’s becoming involved in all the great outside opportunities there are or becoming involved in the learning process, not be passive and expect to be fed. Be a part of the learning process and in that I think you make friends and make memories.


Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: I like blues and greens, things that remind of being outside and nature.


Q: Favorite sort of food to make or eat?

A: I love fruits and vegetables. I love to make unique salads.


Q: So do you have your own garden?

A: We have some pots that we garden from and we just built a raised bed we just haven’t grown anything in it yet this year. We’re hoping to be overseas this summer for a while in Europe but when we get back we’re hoping to do some hot weather stuff.


Q: What are the musical instruments you can or have played?

A: Ah, I started with piano, I sing or sung but I stopped this semester, tuba sousaphone, and string bass. I actually started college thinking I was going to be a music major but decided not to for a majority of reason.


Q: What is your favorite class to teach here at Tri-City?

A: There’s something about A & P that is just fun for me in the sense that I think the human body is amazing. We seem to have a lot of fun with it but also a lot of seriousness.


On behalf of Tri-City, thank you so much for what you do for us, Mrs. Muchna. Her knowledge  in the sciences and is something students, fellow teachers, and parents can all appreciate and we look forward to next year!


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