Teacher of the Month: Mr. Wamsley

By Gavin Sampson


Mr. Wamsley is one of Tri-City Prep’s most experienced teachers. He has been with the school since it was still on the Embry Riddle campus. He has also coached girls’ basketball for almost his entire career. He is preparing to retire soon, so his time here will soon come to a close. However, his legacy will continue even after he leaves Tri-City.

Rebecca Winters described Mr. Wamsley as “a very inspirational coach, and a very productive and cheerful teacher.”

Mr. Wamsley has been teaching for 19 years; 14 of those years have been with TCP. When asked why he decided to teach history and economics and he said that he has always enjoyed history and what it can teach us.

Kameron Ray said, “He’s kind of strict, but he is fun; and that makes him a good teacher.”

Mr. Wamsley joined the Tri-City staff when the school was still at Embry Riddle. He said he joined because the students at TCP were very driven and really wanted to learn. He added that he has greatly enjoyed teaching at Tri-City.

Danny Calzada spoke about Mr. Wamsley and said, “Mr. Wamsley is a really cool teacher. He is really chill and smart.”

After he retires, Mr. Wamsley is thinking of travelling and possibly buying a boat to sail in. He also wanted to say before he left that “You all have been great students, and I have really enjoyed my time here”.