Envirothon: Envisioning a Better Ecosystem

By Amanda Bertsch

On the morning of Thursday, March 26th, ten students piled in to a van for the annual Envirothon competition accompanied by Mr. Bytes and Mrs. Muchna. The competition takes place over a Friday and Saturday, so the students camped in Tucson.

Envirothon is an ecology competition with two parts, ecostations and presentations. There are three ecostations, and each one has a written and practical test on a different subject: aquatics, soil, and wildlife/forestry.  The presentation is on a different focus topic each year, and teams have two hours to prepare a ten-minute, symposium-like report.

This year’s focus was urban forestry, or the vegetation inside a city (public and private). The teams were asked to put together a plan to redesign a ten-acre park plot over several years, taking into account biodiversity, community considerations, and the currently planted trees. After a presentation in front of judges, they underwent ten minutes of questions on their plan.

Tri-City entered two teams of five students each this year, and they both did extremely well. The team lead by Erin Pflueger won first place at the aquatics ecostation and second place at the wildlife/forestry ecostation. The team led by Olin Marman placed third overall, winning $50 gift certificates to Bass Pro.

Both teams were pleased with the results. Tri-City will return to the competition next year, with several second or third-year students. The students and teachers alike are certain that next year the school will be more competitive than ever.

If you’re interested in joining Envirothon next year, please talk to Mrs. Muchna for more information.