Senior Interview: Ashley Santillan

By Markus Weinzinger


Ashley Santillan may be moving on, but with her go her memories from Tri-City. Ashley has called upon her leadership to guide fellow students in various clubs. Ashley has also been awarded Student of the Month. For the summertime, Ashley plans to enact a healthy lifestyle with sights to see. As Ashley moves on to follow her goals, she attributes her success to her time here at Tri-City Prep.


Q: Who or what has been the most helpful at Tri-City?

A: The small classroom sizes, it is really helpful having that because we get more teacher and student interactions.


Q: Did you learn a skill you didn’t expect would become helpful later on?

A: I have developed an organization skill because of Tri-City’s hectic homework quota.


Q: What do people admire most about you?

A: My leadership skills….or maybe my hair (LOL).


Q: If you could change the lyrics to your favorite song, what would be sung?

A: I ate some bugs, I ate some grass, I used my hands to wipe my…..tears.


Q: What restaurant would you pick for a celebration?

A: Who needs a restaurant when you have Mama’s cooking?


Q: With what animal would you entrust your life to in a perilous situation?

A: A wolf.


Q: How would you prefer to get around school (walk, bike, skates)?

A: Walk.


Q: If you could live for a week in an era from the past, when would it be? (1940s, 1600s, revolutions, etc.)

A: Definitely during the Roman Empire, because who wouldn’t want to live during that time?


Q: What was the most memorable outing in relation to school?

A: I would have to say the Biosphere, it was really interesting going to see that, and of course the Senior Trip. That was awesome to be there with friends!


Q: Is there a lasting trait from Tri-City you might take with you after graduation?

A: An intense motivation to finish my homework.


Q: If there was one absolute “must” for summertime, what would it be?

A: Travelling everywhere and basically living at the gym.


Q: What would you like others to know about you?

A: That I am going to be a navy officer, and because of Tri-City I wouldn’t have accomplished this. Keep treading on and follow your dreams because I am.