A Night to Remember: the Junior and Senior Prom of 2015

By Taylor Whittemore

Tri-City Prep’s senior class is graduating less than a week from now, meaning that all they will have left of the school are their diplomas and their memories. One of the most memorable nights is that of prom, which occurred on May 1st, 2015 at Stoneridge Golf Course Country Club from 6:00pm to 11:00pm.

Prior to the evening of prom, a prom committee consisting of Shelbyrae Myers, Makaylee Call, Nicholas Johnson, Ammon Worden, Grace Meade, and Alexandre DuBroy arranged the entire event. According to the head of the committee, Shelbyrae Myers, the group was, “responsible for planning the whole thing including finding the venue, coming up with the decorations the backdrop and the playlist, and the junior class student council was responsible for paying for everything which was made possible by fundraisers since freshman year and sponsors.” Myers also added that the most difficult part of the committee was, “the execution of everything trying to get everyone on the committee on the same page as to what we wanted and trying to take feedback from the junior and senior class as to what they wanted.”

The one of the earlier tasks the prom committee was given was to come up with a theme, and the result was ‘Sunset on the Beach.’ This title was accented by the additional subtitle ‘A Night to Remember’ on the posters created by Tiffany Whittemore and Myers that were scattered around the school. In regards to the theme, Myers stated, “Makaylee Call and I had been thinking about prom since sophomore year and what we wanted and it was one of our ideas and it just worked well with the venue.” There were some concerns among the students that the theme may come across as cheesy or tacky, but they were all impressed with the theme once they arrived at prom.

“The theme was difficult to get excited about, because everyone was afraid it would be tacky. But it turned out to be great, Shelby had a vision that no one else understood until they saw it!” said Elizabeth ‘Gus’ Longacre, a junior.

“I was apprehensive at first, but I think they made the beach theme elegant,” stated Devon Bonelli, a sophomore.

Leah McGuire, a senior, added, “I think the theme was different than what we have had in the past.” McGuire also described the theme as “unique.”

The Stoneridge Golf Course Country Club was decorated according to the theme. Tables and chairs outlined an open space that later became the dance floor, and centerpieces on the tables consisted of glass, sand, sea shells, and rocks. Additionally, there was a section devoted to photographs; a backdrop of fabrics in various shades of purple accented the subjects in the photos. There were also doors that allowed students outside if they so wished, and the outdoor patio was decorated with mason jars with lights.

When asked about the decorations and setup, Emily Andreasky said, “Although it was not always easy to maneuver through the close knit tables and chairs, it was a beautiful venue. The room was slightly smaller than expected for the number of people in attendance, but we had access to a balcony if we started to feel claustrophobic on the dance floor or at our table. The prom committee did amazing working with the room they had and making the venue look classy. They integrated the theme into everything in the room and it all complemented the colors.”

“I really loved the setup. I think that the student council worked very hard, and the payoff was great!” stated Bonelli.

Myers also admitted, “I really liked how the decorations turned out! Better than I had hoped!”

There were four options for the students to choose from for dining, and they were Monterey Chicken, Chicken Marsala, Tri-Tip Steak, and a vegetarian option. Though the names of the meals may sound appetizing, several students were rather disappointed in what was offered.

Andreasky stated, “As I talked with people after prom about the food, they were not impressed. One person told me that they thought it tasted like a microwaved dinner cooked in the microwave. It was not the best food I have tasted, but it didn’t give us food poisoning like last year. It was edible but not worth the price.” In reference to how long the food took to be served, Andreasky added, “The worst part was waiting for dinner to be served and then not liking the food that much.”

Longacre agreed, saying, “The food was edible, but below expectations. Everything was pretty bland and boring.”

The crowing of royalty is one of the most anticipated events of the evening, and, after the casting and tallying of the votes, it was revealed that Olin Marman was prince, Gus Longacre was princess, Cody Tegtman was king, and Tori O’Leary was queen. In response to the crowning, Longacre said, “Being crowned princess was certainly memorable and exciting, but it didn’t define my night. I had such a great time with friends, being crowned was just one of many highlights.” When asked about the most memorable moment of the night, she replied, “The most memorable moment was when Olin jumped into my arms during the royalty photos. Definitely did not expect that, but have hilarious photos because of it!”

True to the stereotype, several unforgettable moments occurred that night. Andreasky mentioned that the best part in her opinion was “being able to have fun and hang out with friends and not have to worry about anything.” Several others stated that their favorite part about the evening was the dancing.

Myers stated, “The best part was just hanging out with friends and dancing the night away.”

“The best part of the night was just dancing in general,” echoed McGuire.

“The best part was definitely dancing with friends! It’s always great to have fun,” addedBonelli. He also added that another striking moment was, “seeing Gus’s dress cause that was great!”

The overall impression was that, true to the name, the night was certainly one to be remembered. The students were impressed with the prom committee’s ability to create such an event with a remarkable theme, elegant decorations, and a positive atmosphere.

In conclusion, Longacre stated, “I didn’t think I would like prom all that much, and I was somewhat excited that I only had one prom so I only had to get one dress, but that seems so silly now! I had such a great time, I wish it wasn’t over! But I’m not sure if I’d want to go to another prom, because I know it couldn’t be any better than the one I already had!”

Photographs taken during prom can be found under the Student Resources on Moodle.








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