Senior Auction Strikes Again

By Alexandre DuBroy

TCP continued its yearly tradition this past Thursday of selling off seniors (and a spread of goodies) to take with them to the Spring Fling dance. The auction, held by Student Council, but MC’d by the ever charming Liam Blankemier, energized students and got them into fierce bidding wars.

The focus of the auction this year was more on items than on seniors. About 8 or so lockers were auctioned off for student use for next year; they came packaged with a surprise of various goodies inside. Other auctioned items included so called “fast passes”, allowing people to jump to the front of pizza and Student Store lines.

Burrito Bros
The now infamous Burrito Brothers. Photo credit Alexandre DuBroy.

Senior highlights included Ian Martin and Daniel Lazado, the “Burrito Bros,” who were wrapped from head to toe in aluminum foil, along with little foil hats. They lived up to their name, looking like oddly shaped burritos. They shuffled across the stage in their foil, offering a delicious meal of burritos to anyone who would purchase them. Mrs. Holti took them up on their offer and won the auction for them.

Also included were trio Ashley Santillan, Tori O’Leary and company as Mexican dancers, following a theme inadvertently. They danced around and offered additional food to those who would purchase them.

Trio Dancing

The trio dances around in a successful attempt to raise the price on them. Photo credit Alexandre DuBroy

Mary Rizk was a surprise hit; she came up offering herself, a plate of cookies, and the promise that for every extra 15 dollars people paid, she would prepare a top quality meal for whoever purchased her. The bidding ramped up fiercely, with students clamoring back and forth at an attempt to get food. The cliché of hungry teenagers held up well, before Mrs. Winters stood up, offering a final bid of $205, which was split with assorted seniors. Mary walked off stage towards Mrs. Winters, and a crowd of seniors awkwardly got out of their seats and into the breezeway to sort out their “assets.”

Mary and co

Liam jokes with the audience whilst offering Mary for auction. Emily stands by, ready, with cookies. Photo credit Alexandre DuBroy.

Taylor Whittemore came up in her typical yet always styling attire, rocking a Marvel Avengers tee. She offered not only herself but 2 tickets to people willing to join her to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. She was snatched up by an enterprising combination of her junior friends.

Although not exciting as past auctions, the excitement among students was high as the auction succeeded the Student Awards assembly. Teachers presented awards of every kind to students, mainly for best student, although also recognizing students for participation in clubs along with other awards sustained throughout the year. Overall, the back to back assemblies served to pump students up and reinvigorate them after a year that some called lacking in spirit, and to give them the fortitude needing to battle finals. Good luck!


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