Girls Rock It in Science

By Rebecca Sorce

Girls Rock It day took place on Thursday, September 10th at Embry Riddle University. Embry Riddle sponsors this day every year to help get women interested in science. Several Tri-City Prep girls attended this year’s program.

During the morning, participants participated in either global interest, aviation, or engineering. Each group had different activities. Global interest did a spy camp and learned about global business, while aviation studied air traffic management and meteorology and engineering learned about robotics, 3D printing, and the mechanics of flight.

After lunch, the group was split in half. One group went to the flight line, and the other group built and launched rockets. Each student was given the opportunity to see the planes up close, look inside, and even try flying in a flight simulator.

While they were waiting for the flight line, groups of four built and launched rockets. Working with just a body, fins, and an engine kit, each group constructed their own rocket. Students did this project with very little help, although Embry Riddle students assisted with launching the rockets.

After an action-packed morning and an exciting afternoon, the launching of the rockets concluded Rock It Day. Any girls who are interested in experiencing this amazing day of science should listen for an announcement at the beginning of next year.


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