Celebrated Author Visits Prescott

By Alysa Lanier

The Literary Southwest Series brought Lisa See to Yavapai College on Friday September 18. She has five New York Times Bestsellers and eight other books with multiple awards.

To an audience of about a hundred and fifty people of all ages Lisa discussed her book, China Dolls, in depth and answered questions afterwards. She read excerpts from her books, which according to her was something she didn’t do very often, but decided to for this event. China Dolls is a look into the 1930’s and 1940’s Chinese American night club scene, and the people who lived lives as Oriental Dancers in that era.

Most of her talk was about her research of the book and how characters in the book portrayed people in real life. It was interesting how people from her book are alive and living today, but have lives similar to those in her book. The character she focused her efforts on this evening was a lady whose nickname at the time was Mai Tai. And yes, the drink Mai Tai was named after her.

“I’m very attached to research,” she said. She went on to describe the more than half a dozen interviews she had done in order to write the book. I would be surprised if she had not done more than 100 interviews all together to write this book alone.

Now she is working on a new book that is to be expected to be released within the next few months. She has been working nonstop on it and described herself by saying, “I was like a goffer. I stuck my head up and I was like, Hey! There is light up there!”

The next time that the Literary Southwest Series will bring back an author for a book reading is November 20 with the poets Brian Turner and Ilyse Kusnetz. Yavapai College will be hosting this event. Until then, on October second there will be reading with Yavapai College Creative Writing Facility and among the readers is our very own Ms. Kauffman.

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