Kanye 2020

Why Kanye West 2020 Isn’t the Worst Thing to Ever Happen to America

By Miranda Todd

Editors Note: This piece is meant as a satire, regarding recent events in which Kanye West said he would run in the 2020 presidential election. You should not take it too seriously. Views expressed are those of student.

The many men and women bidding for a presidential run this past few months has been interesting, to say the least.  With candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stirring up controversy—Trump for his particularly special brand of ‘honesty’ toward other candidates, women, and Mexicans, and Clinton for her dishonesty in regards to the use of a private email server—some say that the political game resembles more of a three-ring circus than a candidate pool.  But in 2020, all that will change with the run of one man: Kanye Omari West.

Some may alleged that Kanye West is the worst thing that could happen to our country.  The big-mouthed and even bigger-headed artist once compared himself to Jesus, even sporting the crown of thorns on a The Rolling Stones cover.  He called out American sweetheart Taylor Swift onstage to challenge her win at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009.  He accused ex-president George Bush of not caring about black people.  He married Kim Kardashian.

However, it’s all these things (except the Kim Kardashian part) that make West a good choice for the seat in the Oval Office.

West is a success story.  He came from very little and created an empire—with a net worth of 130 million dollars, he took hold of the American dream.  He made his own music, his own clothing line, and has found down every avenue he has taken.   “But how does that make him qualified to run a country?” you cry.

The United States is a business of sorts.  It tries to keep those involved happy, but also keeps its own interests at heart.  Kanye loves Kanye, and he wants to be the best—so he would strive, were he to be president, to lead the best.  Narcissism and an obsession with outer appearances pays off!

He is also more likely to bring attention to politics than any other candidate (unless Taylor Swift or Queen Bey were to run).  Young people like shiny, exciting things.  West is a pop cultural icon: fans and haters of the celebrity alike would become more aware.  Anything that will get young voters involved is worth seeing through, at least to a degree.

It is the youth that is the cornerstone of the theory that Kanye West wouldn’t destroy this country entirely.  In Power, West says “the schools closed, the prisons open”.  He acknowledges the amount of people—often young men and women—who are incarcerated instead of educated.  Maybe he’d do something about that in office.  Maybe he would just write another song about it.  Either way, the world would be better off.

From a more important standpoint, of course, he would throw bumpin’ White House parties—and who hasn’t wanted to hear the National Anthem rapped?  Maybe West isn’t the best candidate, but with an already strong persona and vague ideas of fixing the nation, West is about as qualified as a man like Trump.  And hey, if the political system in America is a circus, West would surely be an entertaining ringmaster.

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