2016 Regionals Auditions

By Natalie Krafft


Try out for Regionals, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

And of course “they” were right, as always. For those who don’t know, the Northwest Regionals Festival takes place February 18th though the 20th in Phoenix, Arizona and only select students can attend by auditioning for a spot. The auditions this year were on the 23rd at Coconino High School in Flagstaff.

Every year, high schoolers from around the Northwest region of Arizona audition into either the Orchestra, Band, or the Choir. This includes schools from Sedona, Flagstaff, Page, and here in Prescott.

This year, Tri-City is proud to send Max Baker to band on trombone along with Grace Padilla and Dayna Bergman as sopranos in the choir. And for the orchestra, Lauren Sarantopoulos and Devon Bonelli are both second violins, Kate DuBroy and Natalie Krafft are violas, Mathew Lanning and Thea Cline are cellos, and Kaleb Lyonnais and Emma Burns are on bass. Kate DuBroy, Mathew Lanning, and Kaleb Lyonnais all made the highest score in the entire region for their instruments.

In the audition, each student is asked to play three scales, to perform their etudes that they have worked on for a couple of months, and to sight-read one or two small pieces of music in front of a judge. These are blind auditions from behind a curtain to avoid bias. The scoring is out of 2000, and the top students make it in. In band and orchestra, students re-audition to determine their seating, the placement within their section. Choir students find out their seating based on the first audition.

Those who do make it in to the Regionals Festival are able to audition for All State. However, All State is extremely difficult to get into; last year, no one from the Northwest Regionals Orchestra made it to All State. A majority of those who make it in to All State are from the Phoenix and Scottsdale area where people have the money and ability to get professional teachers.

The Regionals Festival itself lasts three days and takes place in various locations in Arizona. Last year the festival was in Bullhead City and the year before that, it was here in Prescott. During the three days, each of the groups figure out their placement or seating, and they go through their pieces for the first time together and work on perfecting it for their concert at the end. Intensive and educational, it’s a great experience for any music student who is interested in growing their music knowledge and making better connections in the music community. Congratulations to all of the Tri-City students who made it in this year!

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