Tri-City Sweeps 2016 Yavapai County Math Competition

By Djanice Azevedo

As we all know here at Tri-City, we are all very proud of our academics. All our hard work paid off at the Yavapai County Math Competition on Thursday, January 28th. This year, we went home with an abundance of awards.

The completion included a group and individual component. Everyone took an individual test, which was graded based on level of math (e.g., geometry or algebra 2) and overall. Awards were given for the top five students in each level and the top ten overall, as well as for the top three schools in each area.

At this competition, Tri-City took 9 of the level awards and scored in the top three overall schools at each level. For level one (algebra 1), Tristan Hogan got 1st, and we took first overall. For level two (geometry), Ethan Kraft scored 5th and we received third overall. For level three (algebra 2), we had Sophia in 1st, Kim in 2nd, and Courtney in 5th, and we scored first overall. For level four (pre-calculus), we had Colter score 3rd and we took third overall. Finally, for level five (calculus and beyond), we had Kaleb Lyonnais in 2nd, Amanda Bertsch in 3rd, and Brent Sherwood in 5th and we got second place overall.

We also had a shocking five of the top ten overall high scoring individuals. These were Kaleb Lyonnais in 3rd, Sophia Frohna in 4th, Amanda Bertsch in 6th, Brent Sherwood in 8th and Colter Richardson in 10th.

The competition also included a group section. Teams had 45 minutes to answer 10 questions; the top scoring team from each school competed in a single-elimination quizbowl. The team from Tri-City, named Hyperboloid after a three-dimensional hyperbola, swept first overall in the group questions and the quizbowl after beating Prescott High School in the finals. The team members were Kaleb Lyonnais, Amanda Bertsch, Brent Sherwood, and Adrian Kania.

We also won the research project section for the section year in a row. This year’s research report was investigated by the math honors class and compiled by Kaleb Lyonnais and Amanda Bertsch.

We are also proud to be the top scoring school overall for the third year running. We hope to continue this trend with a strong showing next year as well.