Sherlock’s “The Abominable Bride”: A Review

By Emilia Wurtz

Sherlock is a BBC show, based on the famous work of Arthur Conan Doyle, that has gained popularity in the United States. Sherlock follows Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman) as they take on murder cases. “The Abominable Bride”, a Christmas special released at the end of 2015, takes a new view on the life of Sherlock Holmes. Unlike the show, it takes place in 1895, at the height of the Victorian Age.

A new case shows up for the Victorian Sherlock, but he isn’t too keen on taking it on at first. A crazed woman in a wedding gown took her own life. Suicide isn’t really Sherlock’s usual case. That was, until she showed up later and killed her husband. It didn’t seem possible, and so Sherlock took the case.

If you are a fan of Sherlock, you will quite enjoy this special. It’s got an interesting case and quite the plot twist at the end. While the plot may be confusing at first, the ending explains it all.

“The Abominable Bride” was a big hit, and many went to the theater to see it. In fact, on a per-screen gross average, it beat titles like Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With 11.6 million watching, it became the most popular show over the holiday season. Fans of the show were excited because Sherlock hasn’t aired a new episode since 2014 and the last episode ended on a significant cliffhanger.

Spoiler Alert: this section sums up the plot of the show up to “The Abominable Bride.” If you have not seen this part of the show, don’t click the read more.

Dr. Watson was an army doctor who was wounded in battle. He is sent back home where he meets an old friend who introduces him to Sherlock. They end up sharing a living space, 221 B Baker Street. In the first episode they end up living together and solve a case.

Soon, Sherlock meets Moriarty, his very own enemy. Moriarty is a genius, like Sherlock. But you can’t outsmart Sherlock, unless he’s dead, which was Moriarty’s plan. If Sherlock didn’t jump off a building, all his friends would be shot by snipers, and Moriarty was the only one who could make the command for them to stop. Moriarty shoots himself in the head so that Sherlock can’t think his way out of this sticky situation.

The only way for Sherlock to save his friends now is to die. He jumps. To everyone in the show, he is dead; to the viewers, he’s alive, which was a big relief for fans. He comes back a couple years later where Watson now has a girlfriend, Mary. When we first meet her, she just kind of there. Some people like her, others don’t. But she gets a whole lot more interesting when it turns out she has a secret and more dangerous life. It’s sadly not revealed, yet at least, what that life is.

Soon after, Sherlock gets another case. An important guy somehow has blackmail on everyone. It is thought that he has a secret vault, full of files on people. Turns out, the guy had a mind palace, like Sherlock, and every file was simply remembered. To stop the man, Sherlock shoots him and is arrested.

Sherlock’s set off on a plane to do a mission that was guaranteed to kill him in a few months. Merely a few minutes in, he’s called to come home for a case only he can solve: Moriarty was back from the dead.

In the Sherlock special, he takes on the case of a dead woman who comes back, like Moriarty. In the end, he figures it out. How? You’ll have to watch the special to find out.

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