Pi Day at TCP

By Amanda Bertsch


Today was International Pi Day, and so of course Tri-City got in on the celebration. The day was a series of activities and contests hosted by the math honor society Mu Alpha Theta. While Pi Day is always March 14th (3/14, symbolizing the first three digits of pi), it usually falls over TCP’s Spring Break. However, this year the dates aligned and the school was able to celebrate on the correct day.

The irrational constant pi represents the relationship between the circumference of a circle and its diameter; humans have been attempting to measure this relationship for at least 3,500 years. The Babylonians believed pi was about 3.125, while ancient Egyptians measured it at 3.16 and the Bible mentions the relationship as approximately 3. The ancient Greek Archimedes was the first to come close to the actual value, estimating it as somewhere between 3.1408 and 3.14285 (the actual value is 3.14159265…).

For Pi Day, Mu Alpha Theta put on circle drawing, bubble blowing, hula hooping, unit circle drawing, and pi recitation contests. The prize for most contests was a free muffin, but the pi recitation featured a prize of pi to the pi (approximately 36.34) dollars. That went to sophomore Thea Cline, who recited 277 digits of pi.

Mu Alpha Theta vice president Devon Bonelli said that Mu Alpha Theta was excited to put on “one of the biggest on-campus events of the school year,” and the entire group worked together to prepare. “The teamwork and dedication that all of the members put in to make the day go smoothly was phenomenal,” he stated.

But Mu Alpha Theta members weren’t the only ones to enjoy the festivities. Freshman Becca Sorce said it was a fun day. “The activities were creative and entertaining to watch,” she said, adding that she was looking forward to next year’s events.

However, Pi Day is more than just a fun event—it’s also a fundraiser. Mu Alpha Theta’s lunchtime pie sales were successful as always; the money raised will help the club go to ASU’s Math Day and fund the annual Middle School Math Competition.

Everyone’s math t-shirts and pi jokes have been cast aside for now, but they will no doubt return in force for next year’s celebration. It’s a day when everyone embraces their nerdier side and has an irrationally good time.