Wonderful Fun at the Wonderland Prom

By Natalie Krafft


As you can guess from the title, this prom had an Alice in Wonderland theme, focusing on the Queen of Hearts. As the evening began, excited Tri-City students shuffled in to see their prom. It’s safe to say that everyone was really impressed.

On April 22nd, the Prescott Lakes Country Club hosted the TCP juniors and seniors attending this year’s dance. Not only was the venue decorated wonderfully, but the outside offered an amazing fireplace for those who preferred chit-chat over dancing. As cozy as the venue was, the outside offered plenty of space to breathe without it being too cold.

Dinner was a buffet style which offered chicken marsala, vegetable ravioli, and salads, with light snacks before the meal was served. Cupcakes were also served after dinner, with a simple rose flower frosting that packed a lot of sweetness. Overall, the dinner and dessert was a hit.

Who were prom royalty, you ask?

Lizzy Rizk and Taylor Dalton were crowned Prom Princess and Prince, respectively. Chrissy Hoekstra and Ammon Worden were crowned Prom Queen and King, along with the re-crowning of Ms. Tiffany and her husband. Mr. and Mrs. Haller were their high school prom’s King and Queen 29 years ago and had the chance to relive their prom glory days.

Mr. Milliken was also there taking photographs throughout the night. You can find those photos on his website: millikenphotograhy.com/Events. The backdrop this year offered a little fun as students had a chance to essentially play 52 card pickup, without picking them up afterwards.

The prom committee also offered something a little bit different this year. They created an Instagram account for the prom this year which featured exclusively promposals. Students were given the chance to get half off their prom tickets by simply posting a picture of their promposal, tagging it with #tcpprom2016. The ones with the most likes were nominated for the prize, and the winners were decided during voting at lunch. Zach Wilhelm and his date Emily Smith won this contest. To see the promposals simply look for tcpprom2016 on Instagram.

All in all, prom was a success. The night was filled with dancing and fun! This year’s prom committee really put in a lot of hard work and time into this and it showed. The Instagram account most certainly helped to boost prom ticket sales by offering a very nice incentive to those who participated. It is now up for next year’s prom committee to step up to the plate and deliver just as well, if not better, than this year’s. We hope to see you next year!