Mystery Message

The Denobis mailbox recently received an odd message, as follows:

“CIA Report No. 731

Hello, Agent Canton here.

My suspiscions [sic.] regarding the recent activities in the Gulf of Aden are affirmed.

Mamba, though nursing a badly wounded calf, helped me exfil via Zodiac boat. The Saudi royal families have been harboring affiliates of Hamas, providing a discreet rabbit hole into the West Bank. Signs indicate Israel’s Arab neighbors are poised for another assault on tentative targets in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. I’ve sent a dispatch to General Ezra Romm to maneuver his division toward the Sinai Peninsula. They should be able to catch the terrorists off guard. IN THE MEANTIME, I will continue to operate here in Luxor, until my deployment is complete. That is all, I await Mother Goose on the 23#d, [sic.] don’t be late.


Yours truly,

Agent Charles Canton”


This was written on a typewriter, but Miss Kauffman notes that she did not see anyone using her typewriters in the last few weeks. If anyone has any information about the author of this message, please email the Denobis editors or (even better) leave more information in the mailbox.