Starting the Year in Style: The BBQ Dance

By Rebecca Sorce and Amanda Bertsch

On Thursday, August 25th, the annual Barbeque Dance took place from 6-9. About 140 people gathered to celebrate the end of the 3-week block and enjoy a delicious barbeque prepared, as always, by Mr. Wilson and Mr. Terauchi.

This year it was a luau themed dance. With this theme, teachers and students wore Hawaiian-themed clothes during the school day and received leis upon entering the dance.

The beginning of the year is always tough for many, as it brings the end of the summer and the start of a new year. The first few weeks of school are especially hard for freshmen; not only are they in a new environment, but quite a few of them must make new friends. It’s important for them to be involved in school activities. The sizeable amount of freshmen in attendance at this dance was, therefore, a good sign for the year ahead.

Although this particular dance is good for freshman, all grades enjoyed the dance. Sophomore Rani Thompson stated that she enjoyed the dance because of “how involved the teachers were.”

And involved they were. Mr. Bronson, the new US History and Psychology teacher, ended the night in style by rapping “Ice Ice Baby” to an appreciative crowd. He was also spotted dancing with a palm tree earlier in the dance.

The next TCP dance will be the Halloween Dance.