The Launch Pad is Blasting off this School Year with a New Shuttle!

By Katherine Christians

The Launch Pad Teen Center, a youth-focused organization meant to help teens get involved in their community, is making it even easier for teens to get to their facility. This facility was made just for teens, offering tutoring, a safe place to hang out, club funding, leadership, and volunteer opportunities. Open Monday through Friday from 3:00 – 6:30 pm, The Launch Pad is available for any teen, and it is free.

Club funding is available for teens who are interested in participating in fun, healthy activities. A teen would simply need to talk to either the Executive Director and Founder, Courtney Osterfelt, or to one of the staff, Anna Nugent or Frank Schrock, about starting a new club and they will see what they can do to get the funding needed. That teen would also need at least five other people willing to participate in that club to be considered. One of these clubs is the Q Collective, held every third Thursday of the month, where LGBTQ teens and allies get to hang out, meet, and socialize with one another. Perhaps a teen wants to see about leadership and volunteer opportunities? Well, the Launch Pad can assist with that too!

Leadership and volunteer opportunities are prevalent in the Launch Pad; just ask Executive Director Courtney about it. Two teens got full ride scholarships for college due to their volunteer work at the Launch Pad! One of the main reasons for the Launch Pad is to get teens involved in their community, speaking up for what they care about and helping them discover their full potential. One of the many volunteering opportunities is after school tutoring; if a teen needs help with homework or wants to help others by tutoring, they can just head down to the Launch Pad after school. The Launch Pad is a wonderful space made just for teens. Come check out its new location at 302 Grove Avenue in Prescott. If a teen just needs a place to hang out after school, they can head down there too, because any teen is welcome. If you cannot get there because you do not have a ride, the Launch Pad has an answer to that too: a shuttle!

This free transportation will take teens from Tri- City Prep, Prescott High School, and Northpoint to the Launch Pad after school. The time for pick up at Tri-City is from 3-3:10pm, so catch a ride to the Launch Pad to hang out, volunteer, or get some tutoring. Right now the Launch Pad Shuttle is not providing drop off services, so students must find alternative transportation home. There are limited seats, which vary daily, so be sure to get there before the shuttle takes off or fills up. If there are any questions about the shuttle, call 928-273-8508. To learn more about the Launch Pad, check out the website at