The Vice President Debate

By Michael Staudt


Opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author, and not necessarily representative of Denobis, the Denobis editors, or Tri-City Prep.


As the two vice president nominees approached the stage, the two men smiled at each other and shook hands. The stage was set for an all out contention on national television.

Throughout the debate, Mike Pence dominated most of Tim Kaine’s reasoning. This is so because Pence was, in some cases, more organized in his thinking than Kaine along with other reasons.

For one, Kaine seemed to be brisk, nervous, and panicked over some of Mike Pence’s comments.  Along with this factor, Kaine attempted to cover up or change the subject considering some of Hillary Clinton’s mishaps and opinions. Kaine also had some incorrect comments that he stated during the debate. For example, when he compared Trump’s tax plan to Bush’s plan, this statement was incorrect.

On the other hand, Kaine displayed good traits during the debate as well. Kaine pointed out important and undeniable actions committed by Donald Trump.

Mike Pence was the dominant nominee for several reasons. First of all, Pence seemed to be calmer and less brisk over most of Kaine’s comments. Along with this, some of Pence’s comments were more formed than Kaine’s statements.

However, Pence did have some inaccurate comments as well. For example, when Pence suggested out that Hillary created ISIS, most of that statement was false. Another comment stated that the Clinton campaign only donated 10 percent of raised money to charities. In 2013, 88 percent of the profit raised was donated to charities. This statement was definitely incorrect.

All in all, Pence took a narrow victory in the debate. The effects of this event have yet to be seen, although historically vice presidential debates are less influential than presidential ones.

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