In a Dungeon

By Lilly Vickers


In a dungeon 14 floors below the surface, two friends were close to achieving their goal. A girl was leading the way with a brown map in her hands. A boy was walking directly behind her. They found themselves in a room opposite of the staircase they needed to reach to get to the next floor. They were both tired, and stress was building on them both.

“We’re lost, aren’t we?” panted Rio. Skit stopped walking and turned around to face her partner.

“We’re not lost. You know that no two dungeon floors are exactly the same. Look, we have enough of the map for this floor to know exactly where the staircase is. It’s on the other side of this floor. We need to keep moving, or we’ll get spotted,” she said trying to relax her partner. Rio cracked quickly under pressure, so Skit constantly had to reassure him when situations turned sour.

Skit sighed heavily, and then she continued walking in the direction of the blank spot on the map. “We’ve been through this dungeon a couple of times. What’s up with you? You scared?” Skit teased. Rio jumped when he saw the slightly smug look Skit had on her face.

“Well I’m- I’m- I… I’m not scared… I don’t like this dungeon. It’s been a long time since we’ve been here, and there are some enemies here that I’m weak against,” Rio stuttered. “I just don’t get why you’re so calm. You’re the one who complained when we found out that you dropped that item at the last floor.” Skit glared at Rio. She turned all the way around to face her partner, and then continued to walk in the direction she was headed. Rio quickly followed her.

“Don’t blame this on me! Who was the one who got attacked and needed his friend to rush to his side and heal him? Oh right, It was you! I got hit by the enemy right after I helped you. You’re the reason I dropped it!” she remarked loudly.

They continued to argue, heading for the staircase. Enemies that approached them quickly disbanded when they heard the pair arguing, and they saw the leader walking backwards. Skit and Rio even fought as they descended the staircase, and on the next floor they both became angrier.

“Do not call me that! You were the one who led us into a monster house. You were the one leading the way! We almost died!”

“How is it my fault that a monster house was in the next room? There was only one path to take!”

“You’re the one wearing the treasure bag! You could have used a Warp Sphere and gotten us both out of there, but you didn’t!” Rio said with a sharp tone that surprised Skit. She did not stop walking, but her eyes widened a bit.

Rio continued, angrily growling, “I’ll say it again: you were in front of me. The paths are so small in that dungeon. We can’t walk side by side, and only you had entered the room. How could I have fought? What is it? Am I too weak for you? Are you trying to protect me? Is that it?” Rio snapped. Skit stopped walking and stared into her partner’s piercing eyes. She was stunned by his words. Rio continued to wait for Skit’s response.

Skit’s eyes darted towards the ground, and in a blank voice she said, “I didn’t say that I think you’re weak. You said that you’re weak against some of the enemies here. I can take more damage than you. What if I was trying to protect you?” Rio was taken aback by his partner when she spoke. A small blush appeared upon his face. Skit made eye contact with Rio and stepped closer to him. “And besides Rio,” she paused for a second. Rio held his breath. “You’re the one wearing the treasure bag, silly,” Skit pointed to the side of Rio’s body. Rio looked were she was pointing, and there was the brown and bulky bag.

“Oh…” Rio plainly said. There was a long pause between the two before Rio started screaming about how stupid he was and apologizing. He hid his burning red face in his hands. Skit whipped around to see if any enemies were attracted by his yelling.

“T-There’s no need to yell!” Skit stated, trying to calm her partner. Suddenly, Skit cracked a smile, and she started to snicker. Rio looked up at her, without taking his hands away, and his embarrassment deepened.

“Stop laughin’!” Rio yelled, his face turning a darker shade of red.

“I’m sorry! I-It’s j-just… y-your face! It’s priceless! Your reaction was so funny!” Skits laughter grew as Rio’s blush did. “Come on, we aren’t going to get anywhere like this, are we?” Skit asked, giving Rio a reassuring pat. The blush faded from Rios face. He smiled.

“Heh, I guess you’re right. Come on, let’s finish our mission. Into the unknown we go!” Rio said, causing Skit to laugh and clap her hands. She turned back around and started to walk, as Rio walked behind her. Two best friends at the bottom of a dungeon on an adventure together.

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