The Cubs Break the Curse!

By Michael Staudt

The final dialogue of the game was too good to be true. The Chicago Cubs had finally won the world series after a win 108 years before! Cub fans around the United States cheered vigorously when the final out was completed.

A “Billy goat curse” was apparently aimed at the Cubs that day on October 7, 1945. From that period, the Cubs never had the capability to win another world series game since that day in 1908. Attempts had been made to break the curse, yet the term “lucky 108” has brought the curse to an end!

The suspense that night was tight when the final game, game seven, with extra innings commenced. Fans around America rejoiced and Chicago was cheering with all of its might! Even Bill Murray, a Cubs fan, was having a ball at the final game of the sports event. Predictions had been made before about the Cubs breaking the curse in 2016.

A twitter user posted a comment stating that there would be a seventh game with extra innings in the 2016 world series. Along with this unusual post, the user even stated that the Cubs would win! Along with this, condolences to the Back to the Future screen writers: their prediction was off by one year.

Congratulations to the Cubs; they have finally broken the Billy goat curse and won the world series!