Finding Balance

Life advice articles by Sairachana Darira


In the world, you can find many concepts of balance – night and day, yin and yang, life and death, winter and summer.

But… is there balance in your life? When you’re carrying the weight of problems on your shoulders, how do you find strength to simply enjoy life?


Here is a guide on how to find balance in life.


Be okay with not being okay

Everyone gets lost. Trust me – you’re not alone. You need to accept that sometimes things don’t go the way you wish they could. Sometimes, even when you work hard, the outcome isn’t one that you desired. That’s simply life. And acknowledging this fact, and accepting it, is the first step to finding balance.


Believe everything will be okay

Write down all the issues, dilemmas, and fears that have a negative impact on your life. Now, simply look at them. Think of all the times in which you struggled in life, but overcame those struggles. You have to have faith that everything will fall into place. Worrying unnecessarily won’t help you – having optimism will. You need to have faith that the world will take care of you. Good things happen to good people.


Make use of the present moment.

Time is valuable, and a gift that many people wish they had. Take care of yourself in the long-run. Studying is more important than Netflix, so don’t procrastinate. How can one find balance when they have to do one week of work in one day? Unless you’re a highly trained monk, it would be hard to maintain a calm mindset. Instead, you should gradually work towards a goal in life and don’t let the fear of difficulty stop you. Yes, that study guide can look terrifying. And yes, I know that next episode of Glee is appealing. But please don’t procrastinate. Success doesn’t come easily.



Life can be noisy – filled with problems, negative outside forces, and negative mindsets. It’s hard to find balance when you have a mind that is restless. Take a few minutes off to simply be. Sit alone, close your eyes, and breathe. Clear your mind. This will help you be at peace.


Clear your surroundings

Having a clean environment can help you concentrate. It’s proven that when one is organized, and in a tidy room, one has a better ability to focus.


Take care of yourself

Make yourself a priority. What is more important? Staying up texting friends, finishing that last-minute project, or sleeping? Sometimes you just need to take a break from it all. Have a cup of tea, take a nap, or read a book. There is more purpose to life than spending every minute trying to get perfect grades. Yes, doing well in school is important. But doing well in life is too. You can do both by remembering that you’re still a human being, and every human being needs a break. And that break is called sleep.



Hold on

Don’t give up. Have courage to hold on. Things may seem hard now, but remember that life is a journey to happiness. Life is hard. I think this is a lesson everyone learns in the process of growth. There will be times ahead that will challenge you, scare you, and make you want to give into the problems of this world. But, you have to stay strong.


Continue on. Keep climbing. Have balance.